We’re putting your approach to laundry through a spin cycle

Laundry should be out of sight and out of mind
Our mission at Bubbles is to help manage everything that goes into doing your laundry – not just washing, but also drying, folding, pressing, stain-treatment and more – to free up your time for the more important things in life.
We started as a women-owned business with a reputation for quality service and care for our customers’ items.
Though we’ve grown quite a bit since then, we still maintain our core principles of adding value while providing the highest level of dependable service and attention to detail! We constantly look for ways to improve, and are currently focused on developing more eco-friendly sustainable practices in our facilities.

What’s so special about bubbles?

We treat your laundry like we’d treat our own

Bubbles isn’t some delivery service that sends your laundry away to be washed by who-knows-who. EVERY LOAD that we pick up is washed and cared for BY US at Bubbles Headquarters, where we use the utmost care, and technology to ensure your laundry comes back BETTER than if you’d done it yourself.

Squeaky-clean sanitation

Your laundry is always kept together and never mixes with others. Plus, we’ve invested in the same sanitization system that hospitals utilize for maximum clean and peace of mind: Omni Solutions. Because there’s no point in doing laundry unless you’re going to do it right!

Our system:
  • Adds ozone to every wash cycle, meaning complete sanitization for your laundry and between loads
  • Allows lower temperatures to be used during hot washes, which reduces wear-and-tear on your items and extends garment life
  • Reduces our carbon/energy footprint and water usage, helping us become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly
Unbeatable convenience

Bubbles is the laundry service of the future. We want to be the place you turn just as simply as if you’d order a pizza for delivery — and we promise to make it just as simple!

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Our processing facility is in Anaheim.

How much does it cost?

Pricing made simple is here on our web page. It’s cheaper with a subscription! View pricing

Why are certain items priced per piece?

Some items like dog beds or comforters weigh more and it’s less expensive to price them individually rather than by the pound.

Is there a delivery fee?

There is never a delivery fee at Bubbles.

How do I know if you service my area?

Just enter your zip code here and find out!

Do I need to provide soap?/Can I use my own soap?

We give you several soap options and are happy to use whatever soap you prefer. If you prefer a specialty soap, you are more than welcome to provide it or store it with us.

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Absolutely! Bubbles offers the most economical, timely dry cleaning option in town. Place your one-time or regular order by selecting it in the Bubbles website.

Do you offer discounts?

We do! We offer student, senior, military, non-profit and first responder discounts. We also regularly run promotions. Get on our mailing list to never miss a beat.

Do you iron/press or hang items?

Unfortunately, our current set-up does not allow for these options, but we plan to expand to allow for them in the future. Be sure you’re on our mailing list to get updates on our offerings.

Can I pay with cash?

Only walk-in customers are able to pay with cash, as our drivers are not permitted to carry cash or make change.

Do you take business orders?

Yes! Please call us at 714-648-2411 for business pricing and to discuss your specific needs.

What is your turnaround?

We offer turnaround as quick as the next day at no additional charge. Same-day service available for a small fee.

How do I prepare my clothes for pickup?

You can place your dirty laundry in a laundry bag or trash bag, we do not recommend hampers. We will provide you with one of our branded laundry totes on your first delivery and you can use this as well for all future pickups. If including laundry AND dry cleaning, separate garments in different bagsPlease check your clothing pockets and check the tags beforehand to ensure that all items are machine-washable!